Agricultural Burn Permit Application


All commercial agricultural operations must get a permit before burning natural vegetation, except when burning orchard prunings, natural vegetation along fence lines, irrigation and drainage ditches or natural vegetation blown by the wind.

The agricultural burning regulation (WAC 173-430) defines a commercial agricultural operation as a farmer who is practicing agriculture for commercial purposes and has filed an IRS schedule F form or its corporate equivalent.

Additionally, it is a requirement that the vegetation to be burned is allowed to dry for a minimum of 30 days. Furthermore, prohibited materials such as galvanized wire, PVC pipe and treated posts must be removed from the field prior to burning. Please ensure you are ready to burn prior to applying for a permit.

You must confirm that the application is for a commercial agricultural operation and that you are ready to burn.



Please note that you cannot select dates within two weeks of each other.

Please search for the address of the burn or locate it on the map and click it.

You must select a burn location by clicking on the map or searching for an address

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Best Management Practices


When conducting an orchard burn, you must either know the age of the trees and the acreage to be burned or measure the size of the piles.

In order to process your application, please enter the acreage that will be burned.

Measurements are not needed for a bale burn.

Measurements are not needed for a spot burn.

Please enter the quantity and dimensions of each pile size you are proposing to burn.

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Applicant Information

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Burn Information

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Best Management Practice


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Permit applicants are required to follow and obey all applicable provisions of the Washington Clean Air Act, Chapter 70.94 RCW, Chapter 173-430 WAC, Agricultural Burning and Benton Clean Air Agency Regulation I Article 6, Agricultural Burning.

I certify that:

  • If granted a permit, I agree to comply with the conditions contained in the permit;
  • The information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge;
  • If I am demonstrating necessity to burn by use of a Best Management Practice, I have read and understand, and will follow the Best Management Practices specific to this type of burning;
  • I believe the proposed burning is reasonably necessary, and that no practical alternative exists, and;
  • I grant the Benton Clean Air Agency, or its representative, access to all acreage listed on any agricultural burning permit application I submit or on any permit I am issued, including private roads or access ways under my control needed to access the listed acreage for the purpose of investigating conditions specific to the agricultural burning permit or application.
  • I understand the Benton Clean Air Agency, to the extent reasonable and consistent with carrying out the duties of the agricultural burning program, will notify me and give me the option to accompany the Benton Clean Air Agency, or their duly authorized representatives, when accessing the permitted property.

You must accept the conditions.